Sunset in Brewerytown

I travel a lot for work, and some weekends when I am gearing up for a trip, all I want to do is stay at home to rest and recharge. That doesn’t mean I take a break from photography though! Last weekend, I challenged myself to a project that let me stay at home while still capturing some amazing shots. 

The Brewerytown neighborhood in Philadelphia, where I live, is a historic neighborhood just north of the Philadelphia Art Museum, and east of the Philadelphia Zoo. From the roof of my house, I get an incredible view of the city. Last weekend I challenged myself to spend a couple of hours just taking photos that I could capture from my roof. There’s not a lot of space on the roof, so I had to look closely at the details around me to get a wide variety of shots. 

It always amazes me how much plant life can be found in the concrete jungle that is Philadelphia. The succulents on the bottom are my own, planted earlier this spring. 

I took advantage of the beautiful Philly sunset for this challenge, and the sky above Brewerytown did not disappoint!

Details are not just found on the ground; sometimes you have to look up! The Philadelphia skies are quite active, with helicopters, airplanes, and even drones from all over the city making regular appearances. 

I’m lucky enough to live on Historic Girard Avenue, just blocks from the zoo. The street was bustling with activity last Sunday evening, thanks to the beautiful weather. 

The main attraction when hanging out on a Philly rooftop is, of course, the Center City Skyline. I’ve taken shots of the skyline from vantage points all over the city, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about the shots you get from the comfort of your own home. 

Finally, just for fun, I used my GoPro during this shoot to film about an hour and a half of the sunset, which I sped up to create a time lapse. 

Sunset Time Lapse ~ Brewerytown, Philadelphia

Let me know what you thought of this photo challenge! Later this week I will be back to my regular adventures, exploring Philadelphia and the surrounding area. However, I want to keep challenging myself to be more creative with my photography, so let me know if there are any other fun photo challenges you recommend in the comments below.

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