May and June are always exciting months, because it’s graduation season! Last weekend, my cousin, Sarah, graduated from high school, and this weekend her mom and family threw a stellar party for her. They were nice enough to let me take photos of the celebration.

The main attraction at Sarah’s party was a huge wall of pallets, covered in photos from when she was a baby, all the way up to graduation. My Aunt Jess got the pallets from her workplace, and this was a super creative and eye-catching way to up-cycle them. Sarah’s sisters worked together to attach all the photos to the pallets using yarn and clothespins, allowing guests to follow the graduate’s journey through photos.
This is a fun and easy way to showcase the guest or guests of honor, not just at graduation parties, but at any celebration! Create one for weddings, birthday parties, bat or bar mitzvah’s, and more. 
The devil is in the details, as they say, and this party had tons of creative and engaging decorations and activities for all to enjoy! There was a guest book where friends and family could write their favorite memories and congratulation messages to the graduate. And no party would be complete without good, old fashioned corn hole, and helium from balloons to make you sound like a chipmunk!
Finally, the FOOD! An important staple of any party, the food at this graduation celebration did not disappoint. I discovered a new dish this past weekend, Walking Tacos. Basically, you crush a bunch of Doritos in an individual serving size bag, toss in all your taco fixin’s, shake it up, and enjoy! They were delicious. 
My aunt showcased her stellar cake-decorating skills as well, with a cake shaped like a graduation cap, surrounded by a sea of cupcakes. To complete the look, Aunt Jess topped it with Sarah’s graduation tassel from her actual cap! 
I hope this post has given you some good ideas for your next graduation party or birthday celebration! Thanks again to Sarah, Aunt Jess, and the rest of the family for letting me tag along and take some pictures. 
Congratulations Sarah!

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